Hurricaen IDA- support for incarcerated people impacted by the storm

[Last Updated September 10th at 1pm EST ]

Over a week since Hurricane Ida devastated Southern Louisiana, we are extremely concerned about the lack of information about the safety and wellbeing of people incarcerated in the wake of the storm.

It is unclear what happened to people in prisons and jails that were hit by Hurricane Ida.
We know do know is that countless people were left behind in carceral facilities that did not evacuate. Instead, in Lafourche Parish incarcerated people were forced to fill sand bags ahead of the storm.

We know from past hurricanes that the most suffering and loss of life occurs in the days and weeks following the storm, when people incarcerated often don’t have access to drinking water, food, medicine, electricity, or plumbing,

Still now, people have not heard from their loved ones in Nelson Coleman Correctional Center since before the storm hit. The same goes for Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. Based on our conversations with people with loved ones incarcerated in these facilities, we are asking people to call and e-mail demanding answers and safety for the people incarcerated in these facilities.

phone zap for Nelson Coleman Correctional Center:

Prisoners at Nelson Coleman were left in Ida’s path. They’re still there, in a parish where almost no one has electricity. Loved ones haven’t heard from them in over a week, and people have been denied information about the unit. On-duty deputies ignored a question about access to clean water. We need answers.


Who to Contact:

St. Charles Parish President Matthew Jewell (985) 783-5000

St. Charles Parish Hurricane Ida Recovery Line is open from 8:30 a.m. 4 p.m.: 985-783-500

Facility – 985-783-1164

Charles Parish Sheriff’s Dept – (985) 783-6237

Sheriff Greg Champagne –

Major Alvin Robinson- (985) 783-1355

Captain Jessica Troxclair-

Captain Maureen Gelston- (985) 783-1377 ext. 2311

Sample Call/ E-mail Script:

“Hi, my name is [__]. I’m contacting you today concerning the wellbeing of people incarcerated at Nelson Coleman Correctional Center. I am reaching out because people have not heard from their loved ones in over a week. Many people have not heard from their loved ones inside the unit for over a week, it seems that people on the inside are without access to phones, and we are being kept in the dark about the current state of the unit. People have physically travelled to the unit and approached prison staff only to be denied answers about conditions and inmates’ access to water. We demand answers about how people at Nelson Coleman are being treated. Your office must investigate and report the conditions at Nelson Coleman Correctional Center and ensure access to water, food, and communication for people inside.”

We are also concerned about people at jefferson Parish Correctional Center:

Prisoners at Jefferson Parish Prison were left in Ida’s path. People haven’t heard from their loved ones inside the unit for over a week. The parish is under a boil notice and we do not know if incarcerated people have clean access to water at this time. We are demanding answers.

Who to Contact:

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office 504 368-5360

Sheriff Joseph P. Lopinto, III 504-363-5500
Complaint line: 504-832-2362
Sue Ellen Monfra Title: Correctional Administrator / Deputy Chief Phone: 504-368-5360
Tim Scanlan, community liaison chief 504-363-5547
Jason Rivarde, public info office, 504-363-5641
Glen Boyd, public info office 504-363-5522
Cynthia Lee Sheng, Jefferson parish president 504364-2700
Jefferson Parish Emergency Management 504 349-5360

Sample Call/ E-mail Script:

“Hello, my name is [____] and I’m calling today concerning the wellbeing of people incarcerated at the Jefferson Parish Prison. It has been over a week since people have heard from their loved ones inside the unit. We are being kept in the dark about the current condition of the prison. Do you have any news to report? We are aware that the parish is under a boil water notice, and need to know whether the unit is following protocol and providing clean water to incarcerated people. I demand that your office investigates and reports the conditions at Jefferson Parish Prison.”

Thank you for your time! Remember, you don’t need to give any personal information to those you are calling. Please e-mail us at to let us know how your calls went.

[the following information was last updated August 28th 3pm CST and is being preserved here for future reference]

We are currently monitoring Hurricane Ida, which will make landfall as a Category 4 or 5 Hurricane in southern Louisiana and western Mississippi on Sunday August 29th. By Sunday it will be too late for evacuation, so it’s important that people stockpile and evacuate TODAY! The whole region’s soils are already saturated from rain, so the high winds and additional rain are more likely to cause flooding and damage to trees, structures and powerlines.

Please reach out to any loved ones incarcerated in the region and let them know so they can be prepared. We suggest for people incarcerated in the path of the storm to get what they need from commissary now and fill up containers with drinkable water if possible, as drinking water will likely be compromised this weekend.

we have received word that the following facilities are evacuating!



phone zap call script for facilities that are not evacuating:

“Hello, I’m calling out of deep concern over the approaching hurricane Ida. Please request to your supervisors that incarcerated people are immediately evacuated! We need you to ensure there is enough water and food stockpiled for the days after the hurricane for all prisoners!”

We are monitoring conditions at the following facilities:

NELSON COLEMAN CORRECTIONAL CENTER: 985 783 1440 Deputy Jones said they are not evacuating and not stockpiling.

JEFFERSON PARISH CORRECTIONAL CENTER: (504) 368-5360 (press 3 to get to an operator). They are not evacuating. When we asked what the plan for the hurricane was they said to lock people down and keep them in their dormitories. If the jail number doesn’t work for you, try calling the Jefferson Parish Sherriff: (985) 448-2111

Call the Lafourche Sherriff: (985) 448-2111 and tell him to evacuate the jails! They have been “evacuating” people TO the jail, but we need to ensure they are also stockpiling water, food, & securing vehicles to get people properly evacuated to higher ground.

LAFOURCHE WORK RELEASE CENTER — evacuating to the Lafourche Correctional Complex which is also in Lafourche
LAFOURCHE PARISH DETENTION CENTER (985) 449-4458 & LAFOURCHE PARISH JUVENILE JUSTICE FACILITY (985) 448-1436 — we have been told that folks are being evacuated TO these facilities.

As always please let us know how your calls went!
You can reach us on twitter: @FightXPrisons, instagram or facebook: @fighttoxicprisons , or e-mail

Stay tuned for updates on more numbers to call







2 responses to “Hurricaen IDA- support for incarcerated people impacted by the storm”

  1. […] You can read the call for support from Fight Toxic Prisons here. […]


  2. Roderick Robinson Avatar
    Roderick Robinson

    I’m very disappointed in your organization I’ve got evidence about inmates are being murdered in the prison system but yet I can’t get you folks to do a thing to help me get this exposed now the evidence that I have collected here in the state of Florida. Has a case number.: ” Chief Inspector General correspondence # 2020-07-24-0003.” the letter was dated July 24th 20/20 from the Chief Inspector General’s office at the governor’s office. CC: going to Lester Fernandez FDC inspector General’s office.
    On May 5th of 2021. I contacted the FDC inspector General’s office to see what the status was on the letter, and the evidence 22 pages that was attached thereto. Ms. Deidra Nunn the administrative assistant of FDC inspector General’s office alleged she had no copy of the letter/Case# nor the 22 pages of evidence affixed thereto. I immediately sent her that evidence it is currently being poured over according to Ms. Nunn. and a final upshot will be reached around November 9th of 2021. please help me get these people exposed I’ve got direct evidence on how they’re murdering inmates, engendering cancer into then. Debilitating their physical and mental hale. They made multiple attempts to murder me in an effort to silence me.
    2008 I was arrested. I spent 11 and 1/2 years in prison for fallacious unarmed bank robber charge I asked for DNA evidence on the clothing they ended up sending me to a mental institution and destroyed the clothing using that as an excuse for the destruction of the clothing to get rid of the DNA evidence which was not mine. okay but here’s where they messed up. though I was never incompetent. I was deemed competent approximately 2 weeks and 3 days before the destruction of that evidence. So they did not have a right to destroy it.
    Google: “Interview with Roderick P Robinson ex-con turn prisoners rights activist.”
    See the hand written note from FBI agent Ed Satterfield Cleveland Ohio. His directive to send my evidence I amassed in Ohio, to the Cincinnati Ohio FBI.Not only did I oblige, I also sent them a copy of the former US Marshal Columbus Ohio Lori Commons letter. Her directive for me to contact the Cincinnati FBI also. I forwarded a copy of that letter also Which upon her upshot the medical staff at Lucasville did attempt to murder me at Lucasville via adulterated medications. Janis E. Yates. Chief deputy Clerk Cincinnati Ohio at that time lied in her letter she was returning DIRECT EVIDENCE. adulterated medication. However Ms.Yates alleging she was returning ” a bag which look like it contained blood…”
    And though Ms. Yates Supervisor affirmed the letter did come from the court. The court has no record of my 15-page motion and the Adulterated Medication which was concisely indicated on the paper affixed to the bag. Leaving no chance to error.
    And by the way, Despite the overwhelming sent to the Cincinnati FBI. Multiple attempts on my life eye witnesses to murders. The Cincinnati FBI never contacted me. But agent Ed Satterfield hired a Hitman to murder me. The hit man Joseph AKA “GRIZZ”warned me to get out of the state of Ohio. Grizz’s girlfriend Rose from Cleveland Ohio. She ripped me off Grizz didn’t have my best interest in mind causing me to search his wallet one day finding a gold seal business card with Agent Satterfield’s name on it. So Grizz was working for him.when I got arrested in Florida. My home went to foreclosure. All the evidence I had amassed in Ohio was destroyed and I uncovered at MCCC County Jail palmetto Florida. Former Nurse Kay and former inmate Jessie Barns attempted to murder me. Direct evidence turned over to PD Peter Coehn Bradenton FL. The hand written not from Jessie vanished from Coehns possession after 3 years.
    Roderick Robinson.
    My ph# 941-448-3096 address 1526 60 the Ave. Dr E. Bradenton, Fl.34203 if you would like me to email you documents in support, please apprise of same.


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