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a national collective of abolitionists, environmental justice organizers, formerly and currently incarcerated folks and their loved ones

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use networking, education, resource development, and direct action to demand an end to exploitation of people and of the land

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  1. LaDonna Reed Avatar
    LaDonna Reed

    Black Mold in Dialysis Center at Dixon Correction Institute in Jackson Louisiana
    The company ACC Inspection is the company they use. Not sure if they are overlooking it or it gets cleaned up right before they come. Not sure how often they come. What I do know dialysis patients are Dying, respiratory issues, Sores in Nostrils, .
    Few years back there was gas leak that was covered up and inmates were not moved for 10 days .My Son was one of the inmates who got deathly ill. Evidently it had been leaking a while my son kept telling me he was throwing up blood and he in up in hospital. Now he is in congestive heart failure on top of kidney dialysis.
    Now this Black Mold In Dialysis Center and vents.
    He asked me not to call prison because it would cause problems for inmates and cleaning crew. But I think this needs to be addressed.
    He says it’s all in showers. The inmates ask for cleaning stuff they tell them they Will clean it their selves.


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