The Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons (FTP) mission is to conduct grassroots organizing, advocacy, and direct action at the intersection of incarceration, health, and ecology. We aim to directly challenge the prison system, which is putting prisoners at risk of dangerous environmental conditions, as well as impacting surrounding communities and ecosystems by their construction and operation. We do this through four interlocking strategic objectives:

  • We build lines of solidarity and resource sharing across historically isolated movements.
  • We support and coordinate with local campaigns and those most directly impacted.
  • We contribute environmental tools, strategies, and tactics to groups engaged in prison-related struggles.
  • We help develop a critique of prisons amongst environmental and environmental justice movements.

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. My wife is incarcerated at Carswell. She is a disabled, first time non-violent offender placed in a medium/maximum security facility because of the extent of her disabilities and illnesses. Minimum security campuses are not ADA compliant so I wife ended up 1300 from home. Medical care is abysmal. FBOP negligence resulted in my wife being struck in the head and trapped in her wheelchair by a broken divider wall. The infirmary gave her motrin and refused to do an MRI. She lost partial vision in one eye along with severe headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain. Despite repeated request, an MRI was finally done a year after the incident. Staff has refused to let her be examined by either a neurologist or neurosurgeon. She was misdiagnosed with a urinary tract infection when she actually had endometrial cancer. It took them months to finally determine her cancer. Her release date was August 7, 2017, and I had arranged with an oncology group here in Southern California to do the needed surgery and follow up. Then RRM Long Beach rescinded her August release date and moved it back to October 27 stating she was “too sick” for home confinement. FBOP, has changed her return date four times in four weeks which is making it difficult to schedule her surgery. There is much more to the story. Keep up the pressure!


  2. You main issue : RADON and other contaminants that are alpha emitters e.g. uranium, thorium & decay products in tap water available to prisoners. Radon comes from the ground, & walls of the building, and all of these (radon, uranium, thorium etc) are alpha emitters that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic. If a jailmate is in a cell with no vents close to the ground the cell might be LOADED with radon. The European Commission recognizes the dangerosity for human health of uranium, thorium, radon etc., they said they will “refer” to my work linking them to cancers, birth defects, hereditary diseases. https://depleteduranium.org/2018/01/09/first-european-commission-acknowledgement-on-depleted-uranium-dangerosity-for-human-health-premiere-reconnaissance-par-la-commission-europeenne-sur-la-dangerosite-de-luranium-appauvri-pour-la-sant/
    What’s non radioactive matters less. Not dangerous at low levels unlike the above.


  3. Hello,

    I am part of a newly formed IWOC chapter in Mississippi. I was listening to Kiteline and heard Faith on their talking about Tallahatchee in the MS Delta. I was wondering if y’all had any more info on Tallahatchee and other prisons/detention centers in Mississippi.


  4. Folks, The American Friends Service Committee Criminal Justice Program is in the prisons and addresses prisoners health needs. They say it is the flu and a phone zap and so on would do nothing useful. I think joining the effort to demand release of prisoners, etc., would be more effective response to coronavirus. You can check in with AFSC, but I did talk to the director and she is a prisoner advocate with over 20 years of experience in handling medical issues.


  5. Hi, I have someone in prison wanting to contact you guys. If youre a prison rights group, do you have a division for reading and responding to prisoners? If not, hire prisoners and pay them with phone calls, letters, care packs, canteen…. Anyway, please provide me an address, my friend wants to reach out to your from the Ortiz, Lee County, Fort Myers, fL jail. They need reading material. Their pod is currently without a tv. It’s beeb out for almost 2 months. They just went through quarantine but they’re back to full capacity in their cells.


    1. Hey, we’re sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. We’ve been restructuring some of our internal communications and are catching up on messages and comments. We have people in Florida who can correspond with you and your folks inside. You can send mail to:
      Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons
      P.O. Box 358439
      Gainesville, FL 32635


  6. I have 2 son’s been in prison as soon as they came of age they are now 36, & 31, trying to get them to become free of this system is a losing battle. The set up for failure, I have dealt with many. My first change would be to show how much money and proceeds actually go into the system and how the profits hit pockets. They collect more than the IRS!!! Profits and proceeds should go to rehabilitation, work training, and education. I believe if we can change the profits and proceeds to non profit, we can make the changes we need.


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