Comrade Malik: Environmental Disasters In Texas are not a Hoax!

In the early morning hours of November 27th, 2019 there was a huge explosion at a chemical plant located in Port Natchez, Texas just a few miles from USP Beaumont where I am currently housed. The plant which is operated by TPC Group Sustained  a large amount of structural damage and approximately four people were injured. Over 50,000 people were evacuated in the surrounding area and officials warned all those who were downwind from the plant.

This incident came only days after the Trump Administration relaxed regulations which instructed chemical plants like the one in Port Natchez to conduct thorough inspections of their chemical processing facilities. The Trump administration has defined itself as an enemy to the Environment and a Friend to Capitalist Oppressors. 

In Southeast Texas these industrial chemical plants continue to spew toxic chemicals into the air. The main part of the regulations which are no longer being enforced is the section which instructed plants to disclose to the public exactly what kind and type of chemicals are being processed at the plants. 

More and more of the Environmental Protection Agency under Trump continues to roll back Obama era policies which actually protected the people from chronic polluters like TPC Group!! 

In my most recent essay on Environmental Racism in Texas I rang the alarm- specifically focusing on the threat to our health and our eco-systems here in South-East Texas. 

Instead of listening to my warnings Texas State Government officials ignored my exposé. Rather than respecting me as a rational intellectual the authorities continue to foolishly regard my work with disdain. The people and our precious earth continue to suffer. 

We must stop allowing the Federal Government to mischaracterize Climate Change as a Hoax. 

We have a mounting amount of statistics and evidence that clearly shows that human beings are directly responsible for Climate Change as well as ecological destruction. Collectively we can stop this but we must refuse these false narratives created by those who don’t have a vested interest in our survival or the survival of our planet. 

Sisters and brothers the time for talking is over! It’s time for some action!! Don’t keep procrastinating. You BE THE CHANGE! 

Prisoners who like me are trapped in Federal and State prisons which are in close proximity to these toxic chemical plants can only do so much. We rely on Free-World people to confront these violators of the public’s trust. Don’t be Silent. Fight Toxic Prisons. SAVE OUR PLANET! 

Comrades, the people who live and work inside these prisons don’t have a choice as to what air they can breathe or what water we can drink. Most of us are disadvantaged minorities who come from oppressed backgrounds.

A big part of the system of mass incarceration is a system of secrecy, disinformation, and Suppression of Voices, Ideas, Thoughts which are diametrically opposed to the Prison Industrial Slave Complex. Poisoning Prisons with polluted air or contaminated Water continues to be ignored in mainstream media discourse, with your help we can change that. Amplify my voice and Save the Planet.

Thank You, 

 -Comrade Malik

Keith ‘Malik’ Washington is living in USP Beaumont. He reports on human rights abuses in the Texas prison system. Known to his friends as Comrade Malik, his life mission is to serve the people and create conditions in the United States in which all humyn beings have access to freedom, justice, and equality!

Birthday: July 19, 1968

Education: Morgan State University