URGENT: Hurricane Florence Phone Zap


(A potential Advanced Forecast to show the size of Florence).


Please Continue to call and DEMAND  South Carolina Prisoner have access to clean water!!! Reports from the inside per Jail Lawyers Speak: The biggest complaints of prisoners are power outages and water that is brown or greenish in Evans Corr and Lieber. They are not receiving water in Columbia and they also say a damn broke, which resulted in greenish or brown water.




South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster (@HenryMcMaster, 803-734-2100) continues to refuse to evacuate state prisoners, including those in the evacuation zone. Federal Prisons have only given vague answers that they “are prepared” and say they can give no details due to “security reasons.” Both North Carolina and Virginia have stated they now have plans to evacuate prisoners within the projected path of Hurricane Florence*. We must continue to pressure them to ensure they meet our demands! We’ve prioritized South Carolina numbers for state and county facilities below.

*Florida said the same thing after we pressured them to evacuate prisoners during Irma last year, yet left thousands of prisoners in it’s path. If nothing else, let VA and NC know we are watching.

Hurricane Florence Phone Zap

As Hurricane Florence barrels towards the East Coast 170,000 people behind bars lie directly in it’s path with no ability to evacuate in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

We need your help putting pressure on each state to ensure the horrors that happened at FCI Beaumont during Hurricane Harvey don’t happen again. Already one prison we know of in a flood zone is refusing to evacuate.


  1. Immediate evacuation of all prisoners from every State and Federal Prison, and County Jail at risk of flooding.
  2. Stockpiling of Water and Food at every facility that may be impacted by power outages.

When you get a response tweet @FightXPrisons! (Or email FightToxicPrisons@gmail.com)

If you can, record the phone call and email it to us. If it turns out they’re lying, we’ll have voice-recorded evidence.

Also, we don’t trust ANY Department of Corrections. Per Jailhouse Lawyers Speak’s advice, “If you know any prisoners in this storm path, it’s important to tell them to fill up any containers or bags with water NOW!! Prisons are notorious for not giving adequate drinking water to prisoners if any at all after the water is contaminated.”


There’s a lot of numbers so maybe get with some friends and divide up!

Numbers to Call

(This is all on Eastern Standard Time- If you’re on the West coast call early!)

South Carolina Department of Corrections (Twitter- @SCDCNews)

UPDATE: Jailhouse Lawyers Speak has confirmed with prisoners inside Ridgeland Correctional and Lieber Correctional that they are NOT being evacuated. Ridgeland has told phone-zappers it’s not moving people without orders from the Governor or the Director of Prisons. We’ve updated the below numbers accordingly!

Governor’s Office (803) 734-2100 and Twitter @HenryMcMaster

Legislative Liaison/Special Assistant to the Director, Dexter Lee: 803-896-1731

Jasper, Colleton, and Beaufort County’s in Southern SC are not under mandatory evacuation but SC Emergency Management Division retweeted a tweet from Horry County EMD telling residents of those counties to evacuate. Additionally, the Governor told residents of those counties in a live press-briefing 9/12 to leave if they can. Information for those county jails:

Beaufort County Detention Center  (843) 255-5200

Colleton County Jail  (843) 549-5742

Colleton County Sheriff Administration  (843) 549-2211

Jasper County Detention Center  (843) 717-3300  (Reports indicate they may have already evacuated) 

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Mid Atlantic Regional Office (North Carolina and Virginia)  (301) 317-3100

Southeastern Regional Office (South Carolina) (678) 686-1200

North Carolina Department of “Public Safety”  (Twitter- @NCPublicSafety)

DOPS General Line 919-733-2126

Department of Correction General Line (919) 838-4000

Ask to speak to Director Lassiter’s Office.

Virginia Department of Corrections (Twitter- @VADOC)

General Number- 804-674-3000

Press 0 at the menu and ask to be transferred to the director’s administrative assistant.


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