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  • #EvacuateFLPrisons URGENT: Hurricane Ian Phone Zap

    #EvacuateFLPrisons URGENT: Hurricane Ian Phone Zap

    [Last Updated 9/28/2022 12:52pm EST] PUSH OUT TO ANY ORGANIZATIONS YOU KNOW THAT MIGHT HELP, AND REPORTERS! Updates will be posted on this blog once evacuations occur or we get word of any other facilities in imminent danger!  As Hurricane Ian, projected to become a Category 5 hurricane, threatens Florida over 176,000 people behind prison…

  • URGENT: Hurricane Laura Phone Zap

    URGENT: Hurricane Laura Phone Zap

    [Update as of 8/28/2020 1pm CST:] We are waiting on more info from folks incarcerated in Louisiana and Southeast Texas before moving forward. If you have a loved one incarcerated in the area who would be interested in connecting, reach out to us at fighttoxicprisons@gmail.com or on social media. If you know any journalists, influencers,…