Alabama Boycott 2021

Free Alabama Movement calls for an economic boycott beginning January 1

No money made off the backs of prisoners!

The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) maintains a breeding ground for danger and death. Now, as winter of 2020 begins to take hold in Alabama prisons, incarcerated people are having to light fires indoors to stay warm and are organizing an economic boycott in order to create conditions fit for survival. The ADOC refuses to care for even the most basic human needs amidst COVID19 and the waves of preventable deaths inside Alabama prisons. The conditions in prisons do not allow for health and safety. This is a public health crisis beyond words.  

Climate change continues to create even more extreme conditions to those surviving within this prison system. Flooding, more frequent and extreme hurricanes and tropical storms, heat waves, and other impacts of climate change which Alabama is experiencing can all be deadly for those inside these ADOC prisons. With these more extreme conditions and lack of care, the measures that people living inside those prisons must go to in order to survive must also become more intense, as we see in the current conditions and actions being taken. 

Most shockingly, with all of this danger and violence perpetrated by ADOC, these unlivable conditions that they create, maintain, enforce, and take no action in addressing, they only want to do more of the same. ADOC hopes to build three more of these mega-prisons. If they build them, they will fill them. ADOC has modeled how it, in practice, maintains conditions in these prisons. The same way ADOC ignores the basic needs of those currently incarcerated in its clutch will not change with the construction of three more facilities. It will simply be three more hotbeds, three more breeding grounds, for death and harm. 

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Alabama Inmates Sleep on Floors as Jails Overcrowded: “It’s Inhumane.”

Alabama inmates in a crowded dorm in Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore County on Sept. 4, 2019. (Mike Cason/

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