converge: to come together and unite in a common struggle



4 responses to “Convergences”

  1. FTP Avatar

    There are several groups of people across FL who may be interested in a caravan of some sort which would meet up in Gainesville and ride together, leaving Friday evening. If you are interested, please reply to this comment.


  2. Debbie Reyes Avatar

    In 2001 California Prison Moratorium Project, Critical Resistance and other Environmental Justice Organizations were the first out of California to organize a joined forces convening and hosted “THE Joining Forces: Environmental Justice and the Fight Against Prison Expansion”, a conference in Fresno, CA (notably know as prison alley) which created and built bridges to develop common analysis between activists in the Central Valley and activists in California’s urban areas. CPMP helped found the “Central California Environmental Justice Network”, an alliance of activists and community members fighting for safe, healthy environments for all of the Central Valley’s residents. We have been in lead and in collaboration with the FIRST EVER health report that included prisons as an environmental hazard in a report titled THE San Joaquin Cumulative Health Impact Consortium along with our environmental and health allies it that addressed negative impacts of prisons and other industries facing Valley Fever, pesticide control, air quality, water contamination and health affects thereof have been our primary focus on stopping prison expansion and construction in California. Due to our work, Valley Fever was finally highlighted in the Feds to shut down prisons in or move impacted inmates out. SO yeah, I think we can hold a workshop on the fundamentals. Let me know. As I will be coming in for this event


    1. FTP Avatar

      Hey Debbie, wanted to be sure you saw the email I sent to you. Your work has been a huge inspiration to our efforts. Excited to see you in D.C.


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