Denton/Fort Worth 2017

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Weren’t able to make it? No worries. Read about our end-of-convergence action here.

Registration for the FTP 2017 convergence is now open! If you are able to attend, please take a moment to fill out our short registration form, which covers housing, transportation, and other important details.

Registration click here (please fill out so we can accommodate you with food, housing, etc.)

Facebook event page (Please use this to help spread the word)

NEW Schedule here (subject to minor changes)

Here are some of the panel discussion topics being featured this year:

  • The launch of the Close Carswell Campaign, learn more and plug in!
  • Reports from the Sept. 9th strike/uprising, lessons learned
  • Support the upcoming Black August strikes!
  • Texas prison conditions: arsenic laden water and severe overheating
  • Results from mapping EPA violations at BOP facilities nationwide
  • Stories and strategies from former prison rebels
  • And much more!
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