#EvacuateFLPrisons URGENT: Hurricane Ian Phone Zap

[Last Updated 9/28/2022 12:52pm EST]

PUSH OUT TO ANY ORGANIZATIONS YOU KNOW THAT MIGHT HELP, AND REPORTERS! Updates will be posted on this blog once evacuations occur or we get word of any other facilities in imminent danger! 

As Hurricane Ian, projected to become a Category 5 hurricane, threatens Florida over 176,000 people behind prison bars and in detention centers lie directly in its path. While some units have evacuated, others have gone on lockdown and are short staffed. In such situations, access to needed resources can become scarce. We need your help applying pressure to stockpile and distribute resources to ensure the horrors that happened at FCI Beaumont during Hurricane Harvey and the disaster Florida prisoners had to endure during Hurricane Michael don’t happen again. 

Phone zaps can be highly effective. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the Hillsborough County Orient Road Jail in Tampa was successfully evacuated. Unfortunately, it’s reached the point where evacuation is impossible for some facilities. Now that the hurricane has hit, we must focus on ensuring that facilities stockpile water and other supplies and that mass release be implemented now.


  1. STOCKPILE- Several units were not evacuated and are on lockdown with limited staff. We demand that people incarcerated at facilities in the path of the hurricane have access to the food, water, medicine, and sanitation supplies they need.
  2. DISTRIBUTION PLAN– Often times, resources are available but not distributed to incarcerated people adequately. We demand that senior leadership at FDOC, BOP, ICE, and the DJJ all create a transparent plan surrounding the distribution of supplies to facilities.
  3. MASS RELEASE NOW– Allow incarcerated people to be released to their family members when possible. Start with the elderly and medically compromised.

When you get a response tweet what they said @FightXPrisons! (Or email FightToxicPrisons@gmail.com)

Phone numbers aren’t working? Tweet us or e-mail with number updates too! 

Keep them talking, ask questions, get info. (Email FightToxicPrisons@gmail.com and include “Hurricane Ian” and the Department you called in the email title)!


We don’t trust ANY Department of Corrections. Per Jailhouse Lawyers Speak’s advice, “If you know any prisoners in this storm path, it’s important to tell them to fill up any containers or bags with water NOW!! Prisons are notorious for not giving adequate drinking water to prisoners if any at all after the water is contaminated.”

There’s a lot of numbers so maybe get together with some friends and divide up!


“Hello, I am calling to demand you take immediate action to protect incarcerated people during Hurricane Ian. You must immediately begin stockpiling resources including food, water, medicine, and sanitation supplies. Additionally, I demand that a transparently plan be formulated and put in place for distributing these resources.”


  • Be firm but polite, insist on speaking to the person you are calling for
  • Leave a message if no one answers
  • Refuse to give any information that you may be uncomfortable sharing with the state (e.g. full legal name, organizational affiliation, etc.)
  • Send any new information gathered from calls to fighttoxicprisons@gmail.com or Tweet @FightXPrisons  


(This is all on Eastern Standard Time- If you’re on the West coast, call early!)

Florida Department of corrections

Region 4 Office

Region 4 is most at risk at this time as it is in the direct path of the hurricane.

Region 3 Office

Region 2 Office

Region 1 Office

Secretary of Corrections

  • Ricky D. Dixon: (850)567-7060

Charlotte Correctional Institute

  • (941)883-8100

Charlotte CI is directly in the path of Hurricane Ian. They are only partially staffed and crowded people into a few dorms, but couldn’t explain why. Call and let them know we are paying attention. We don’t leave our comrades for dead!

Governor Ron DeSantis’ Office

Emergency Management

Federal Bureau of Prisons– Tweet at- @TheJusticeDept

Southeastern Regional Office

ICE Immigrant Detention Centers– Tweet at- @ICEgov

  • Florida Field Office: (954) 236-4900; Miami.Outreach@ice.dhs.gov 
  • Community Relations Officer Tampa: (813) 357-7030; CommunityRelations.Tampa@ice.dhs.gov 
  • Miami: (954) 236-4909; CommunityRelations.Miami@ice.dhs.gov


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