Police Shooting Survivor, Diamonds Ford, Out On Bail

09/28/2020 at 8:00 a.m. police went to the residence of Diamonds’ Ford in Jacksonville, Florida to execute a no-knock warrant related to someone who did not live there. Diamonds was asleep in bed when she awoke to the sound of glass shattering in her home. Afraid and believing that someone was breaking in, she grabbed her gun and shot toward the shattered windows. Once she emptied her clip, she ran to the bathroom and called 911 to report the intruder. While in the bathroom, she realized it was actually police that were in her home and surrendered immediately. Diamonds and her fiance were taken to the Duval County Jail and charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. After 4 months in jail, and 40 days of solitary (well over what is considered torture by the United Nations), community organizers across the country came together to pay Diamonds’ half-million dollar bail and fight for her freedom. We’re happy to say that Diamonds is now back at home with her daughter! But she still needs our support. While we work on getting bail set for her fiance, Anthony, she and her lawyer are preparing for trial. Here’s how you can support her.

Our Demands

  1. Release Diamonds to await trial at her home with her daughter. #EndMoneyBail (Update: Diamonds was bailed out on February 5.)
  2. Drop the charge of “attempted murder of an officer.” Diamond had no legal duty to retreat once she believed she was in danger of being harmed. 
  3. Enact a statewide ban on no-knock warrants in Florida. #NoMoreNoKnocksFL


Share and donate to the Diamonds Ford’s Bond Fund, organized by Juanita Ford.

This fund was initially made to pay for her bond. Though Diamonds’ bond was recently paid by several organizations including National Bail Fund Network, National Bail Out, and Minnesota Freedom Fund, she will still need financial support to get back on her feet and deal with this legal case while recovering from jail and reuniting with her family.


Sign the Petition – Justice for Diamonds Ford at bit.ly/DiamondsFordPetition

Media Kit

Use this media kit for sample tweets and graphics to share Diamonds stories.


If you have questions or want to get involved, email justicefordiamondsford@gmail.com and check the campaign website for updates.

#Endmoneybail #EndPretrialDetention #NoMoreNoKnocksFL #FreeDiamondsFord #Justice4DiamondsFord




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2 responses to “Police Shooting Survivor, Diamonds Ford, Out On Bail”

  1. usfman Avatar

    I’m not surprised this tragedy happened in Florida as our governor politicizes everything he can by pandered Trump. Given she felt fearful for life, hr attorneys might look into the Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” statute as a relevant counter argument in this situation.


  2. […] Police Shooting Survivor, Diamonds Ford, Out On Bail […]


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