Fund Raiser for the San Francisco Bay View

NOTE: This call for support was posted in 2020. In November 2021, Keith Washington was exposed as an informant. The fundraiser below is still active in support of the Bay View. Rather than deleting or re-writing the post entirely, and erasing the history of it happening, we are including links to statements about Washington for others to be aware of. This is from the Bay View editor Nube Brown, this from Rashid Johnson of the RIBPP, this from justin adkins formerly of the “Comrade Malik” support website.

Hey Comrades!! Please support Keith “Malik” Washington and the San Francisco Bay View. Malik spent nearly 20 years in Federal and State Prison. During that time he was able to transform himself into one of the most powerful organizers and activist behind enemy lines. Over seven years ago Malik began writing articles for the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper. After his release on September 3rd, 2020 Malik and his fiancé, fellow abolitionist Nube Brown began their life journey together which includes maintaining the legacy and work of the legendary San Francisco Bay View. The baton is being passed to Nube and Malik. Publisher Dr. Willie Ratcliff and his wife editor Mary Ratcliff are both in their 80’s please donate generously in order to continue the Liberation Journalism of the SF Bay View. Please visit the gofundme here to contribute


or visit the SF Bay website here to for information about the virtual fundraiser and in person fundraiser today and tomorrow.







2 responses to “Fund Raiser for the San Francisco Bay View”

  1. Roderick Robinson Avatar

    I’m a votary veteran prisoners rights activists exposing the defacto murders and mayhem of American inmates, some robbed of their cognizance and the tax payers must support these inmates upon release via SSI checks. Google: ”
    Interview with Roderick P Robinson ex con turned prisoners rights activists.” See the hand written note FBI agent Ed Satterfield Cleveland, Ohio. His directive to contact the Cincinnati Ohio FBIS office circa 2005. They have never rejoined me.
    Notwithstanding, they were sent direct evidence Lucasville CI nursing staff sought to murder me via, adulterated medications. Also sent them was a copy of former US Marshal, Lori Commons. her directive for me to contact the Cincinnati Ohio FBI as well. After she viewed a letter from Janis E. Yates Chief Deputy Clerk 6th Circuit court of appeals. Which alleged she was returning my evidence, which ostensibly arrived at that court. However, post further investigation provided my evidence Janis spoke of, never left the Institution.


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