Mississippi Goddam…

Mississippi prisoners are in rebellion against brutal, toxic conditions. Join the struggle.

[Image shows garbage and roaches inside a pipe chase with a missing door at Parchman prison. Source: Mississippi State Department of Health]

From Mother Jones:

Mississippi prisons are in crisis. On Tuesday, a congressman called for a federal investigation after at least five people incarcerated in the state were stabbed or beaten to death during a week at the start of the year. A county coroner, overwhelmed with bodies, said prison gangs “are at war.” After rioting, the corrections department began a statewide lockdown, but two inmates at Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, the state’s highest security lockup, escaped. They were later caught, and the lockdown has been lifted at some facilities.

But the chaos is far from over: Videos and photos, shot by inmates with contraband cellphones, have leaked and spread across social media. They appear to reveal flooded floors, a fire, and walls stained with blood. “I can barely breathe,” the mother of one incarcerated man at Parchman prison told the Clarion Ledger. “My son is in danger and there’s nothing I can do.”

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