Kinetik Justice Hunger Strike Day 7

The Alabama Department of Corrections is once again targeting and retaliating against our comrade Robert Earl Council (AKA Kinetik Justice) for exposing the and corruption, extortion, and officer on inmate abuse at Limestone Correctional Facility. We ask that you take a moment out of your day to support one of the founders of the Free Alabama Movement (FAM), who is known both in and outside of Alabama’s prisons as a peacekeeper, educator, and leader of nonviolent prison strikes. He has many outside supporters who are willing to disrupt business as usual, in order to demand his immediate transfer out of Limestone into general population at a different facility, and the removal of a trumped up disciplinary charges.

Who To Call:
Commissioner Dunn & Cheryl Price
Phone #: 334-353-3883
ADOC Fax #: 334-353-3967
(Faxing is extremely effective! Here is a 100 page pdf to fax to ADOC: )

Call Script:
“Hello, I’m calling about Robert Earl Council (AIS#181418). I understand he is on hunger strike in segregation on trumped up charges as retaliation for exposing corruption going on at Limestone. I demand his immediate transfer to another facility. There have been requests by his lawyer and the segregation board to transfer him with no response from Cheryl Price and this is not acceptable.

Tips for Making Calls:
Be firm but polite, insist on speaking to the person you are calling for
Leave a message if no one answers
Refuse to give any information that you may be uncomfortable sharing with the state (e.g. full legal name, organizational affiliation, etc.)
Record phonecalls whenever possible and send recordings to
Send any new information gathered from calls to or or Tweet @FightXPrisons


Below is a communiqué from Robert Earl Council explaining the circumstances of his most recent protests. We will continue updating with ways to support.

“November 10, 2019-November 12, 2019: I was on hunger strike and protest for the threatening and unlawful actions of Jeremy Pelzer and Justin Brewer towards myself and a friend outside of prison.

On November 7, 2019: I served a 208 Complaint upon the Limestone wardens questioning their preliminary investigation into specific details of corruption and retaliation efforts by Officer Jeremy Pelzer and Justin Brewer under directions from Captain Stephen Langford and Denise McKenzie.

November 12, 2019: I spoke to Warden Deborah Toney and Scarlett Robinson at which time it was confirmed the 208 complaint had been received and the matter would be looked into.

November 23, 2019: I spoke with CO Brandon Cotram (other officer present during shakedown of my cell when Justin Brewer allegedly found drugs in my lock up box) who confirmed he never saw any drugs. He’s never been questioned by Captains or Wardens about the incident. On December 30, 2019 I spoke to Officer Cotram and he stated the neither the Captains nor Wardens had said anything to him about the incident.

There has been a clear showing of causation from my legal and constitutional tractices to the targeting and retaliation (planting drugs, lying, falsifying reports, false gang validation, and placement in segregation) by certain correctional officers and the cover up of these unlawful actions by the Captains and Wardens at Limestone.  Therefore, once again on January 6, 2020 I appeal to the ADOC in the most peaceful means available to me and comment to a hunger strike protest due to the corrupt unlawful unconstitutional preference of the Limestone Administration. Due to clear and present danger to my safety and well being I will refuse all meals until the following issues and requests are addressed: 

  1. Full investigation into me filling lawsuits for other inmates and exposing staff corruption to the media.
  2. Limestone Administrative failure to take my allegations serious by failing to conduct a preliminary investigation continuing to place my well being and the well being of my friend in jeopardy by covering up for the officer
  3. I&I’s failure to conduct an investigation into allegations of staff corruption and retaliation.
  4. 62 Brim/Security threat group false allegations by Jeremy Pelzer using his position as Sargent Officer placed false information into my institutional files. 
  5. All involved in corrupt retaliation and cover up actions will be held accountable.
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