FTP Convergence- Call for Proposals!

Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons

4th Annual National Convergence

June 14-17, 2019  – Gainesville, Florida

Call for Proposals

2018 was a year of unprecedented national coordination, in which networks of support for localized struggles in abolitionist and environmental movements realized advances with global implications.

We want to learn from and build upon recent victories and ongoing struggles, towards creating a broad-based, interconnected, intersectional, and ironclad movement.

At this year’s convergence, we are seeking committed, skilled participants to engage in and develop mutual and collective education, in a combination of panels, roundtables, and workshops.

If you would like to participate, please submit a brief paragraph ( 150 words or less) on your proposal. Please specify if you prefer to lead/facilitate a workshop, participate or moderate a roundtable discussion or panel.

Please send all submissions to


By  April 25th, 2019

(Deadline is suggested to best accommodate travel arrangements) 

Potential topics:

  • Carbon, Cops and Cages: Strategic Value of Abolitionist Demands
  • Juneteenth & Resisting Prison Slavery
  • Border Wall and Detention Centers
  • Resource Extractions and Prisons
  • Prisoner Support 201: Beyond Letter Writing
  • Building with Jailhouse Lawyers
  • Amplifying Voices from the Inside
  • Re-Entry Support
  • Aging in Prison
  • Mental Health
  • Transformative Justice and Decriminalizing Domestic Violence
  • International Movements Against Prisons
  • Support for Palestinian prisoners
  • Queer and Trans Experiences in Prison
  • Women in Prison
  • Black Liberation
  • Animal Rights and Prison Intersections