Support Florida Prison Strikers

As people begin to emerge from confinement to find all of their property and gain time gone, they need support to know their efforts have not been in vain and to strengthen the message of solidarity that will carry this movement forward. Support comes in many forms: letters, phone calls, money, legal aid, stamps, writing materials, books!
Julius Smith has been dealing with retaliation by FDOC for alleged involvement in the 9/9/2016 national prisoner strike and Operation PUSH. He could use all of the aforementioned support. His contact info is below. If you are a person with legal resources willing to share those resources, please contact us so we can help get Julius the justice he deserves.
Here is some background on Julius and the 9/9/2016 national prisoner strike:
Background on Operation PUSH:
Legal needs: Julius is currently being supported by Florida Legal Services in his struggle to defend the 1st amendment rights of incarcerated people in Florida but he also needs post-conviction relief counsel. Julius has served 10 years of a 20-year sentence for a robbery during which nobody was hurt and he did not have a weapon. If you have the ability, please help us bring him home. Reach out via the SPARC (Supporting Prisoners and Real Change)Facebook page for more details.
Financial support: register at JPay to donate money or electronic “stamps” to Julius’ account. You can find him in their system by state and DC#.
Letters: Florida prisoners can receive as many written pages of content as you feel like writing, up to 10 blank pieces of paper, 20 stamps, and 20 envelopes can be mailed directly to them. Books can be ordered through amazon or other booksellers/publishers and mailed directly to prisoners, no hardcovers and remember FL censors incoming stuff HEAVILY. Rules for sending Florida prisoners mail can be found here. Contact info for Julius is below and also how letters should be addressed:
Julius Smith # C02536
Holmes Correctional Institution
3142 Thomas Dr.
Bonifay, FL 32425