Exclusive- Organizing Behind Bars Panel from FTP 2017 Convergence

In this exclusive panel from the 2017 Fight Toxic Prisons Convergence 7 former and current prisoners and family members of those imprisoned share their stories of struggle and solidarity across the prison bars. (Audio File Available here- https://archive.org/details/OrganizingBehindBarsPanel)

0:54 Kari Ann Boushee- Kari Ann is Co-Director of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and niece of Leonard Peltier. She has been working with Leonard, representing the committee and family since 2007. Kari Ann is an Art Agent for Leonard’s artwork at www.Peltierart.com. She also managed an American Indian Center in Sioux Falls, SD, until she recently moved back to Fargo, ND.

9:00 Bypolar- former prisoner, organizer with No Youth Jail in Seattle

(Check out Bypolar’s music-https://soundcloud.com/bypolar_tc/molotov)
Bypolar is an artist organizer dedicated to creating radical change using hip hop, the arts and on the ground organizing to build community and create a culture of resistance to this kkkapitalist plutocracy we are captive in. They where radicalized in the penal system though self-education and found themselves pulled towards police and prison abolition, inspired by the likes of Assata Shakur, Emory Douglas, Mumia Abu Jamal and many other known and unknown revolutionaries. Most recently one of four instrumental organizer of Seattle’s Mayday #blocthejuvie block party. Bypolar is a part of High Gods Entertainment, Seattle Rising Tide, and Block the Bunker

26:00 Shandre Delaney- Shandre is the mother of political prisoner and organizer, Carrington Keys, of the Dallas 6, a group of prisoner-whistleblowers who have faced criminal charges of “riot” for a peaceful protest against guard abuse of prisoners at SCI Dallas, in Pennsylvania. She has been an advocate for human and civil rights for many years working with the Human Rights Coalition and Abolitionist Law Center in Pittsburgh and Global Women’s Strike in Philadelphia. She recently became the national chairperson for political prisoner support with the Pennsylvania branch of the New Afrikan Independence political party and is developing a new project, the Prisoner Justice and Whistleblower Support Campaign to assist jailhouse lawyers and fight against retaliatory abuse.

38:59 Mark Cook- Mark was co-founder of the Black Panther Party chapter in Washington’s Walla Walla State Penitentiary and served as its Lieutenant of Information for many years. In 2000, he was released a er serving 24 years in prison for his participation in a bank robbery and jail break associated with the George Jackson Brigade in Seattle. Cook continues to organize around prison issues in Seattle. An interview with Mark can be found here: http://depts.washington.edu/civilr/cook.htm

1:00:57 Lewis Conway- Lewis works as a Criminal Justice Organizer at the Texas-based Grassroots Leadership. He is also a professional speaker and author whose insights have been shared at colleges and prisons across the South. Prior to his leadership and entrepreneurial e orts, Lewis spent 2,095 days in Texas state prisons.

1:14:16 Ras David- Ras is a current prisoner and organizer with the Free Alabama Movement. Introduced by Kilaika, an organizer with George Jackson University.

“Organizing Behind Bars: Former Prisoners and Family Tell Their Stories”.
June 3, 2017. 2017 National Fight Toxic Prisons Convergence. Denton, TX.